February 26

the lost creepy doll

In the 1980s there was a little girl name Beth. she had blond long curls blue eyes pale skin. They went to the second-hand Shop. Beth founed this doll but little did she know the doll was possess. they got in the car and went home. she sat the doll on her bed. it was time for bed and the doll move it was a bit creepy but Beth thought nothing of it. it keep moving but one day I could not find it I told mum and she looked I said  “but where  did it go?” she shouted. they found it and took it to the dump.


February 5

The first week of school

the first week of school we did  math. We did  exploding dots it was ok. Exploding Dots is a way of explaining place value and our number system. I have been teaching AJ the game “Temple of 500”, he is really enjoying it. Next week I will be teaching him “Strike!”

We also  did  “silver  buttons”  that was good because we learnt how to write sentences in a specific way. And we also learnt how to create an inference.

Some other things we did was art  P.E, tech and H.A.S.S. I liked the art because we got to create our own flowers based on an Australian artist called Andria Beighton.