May 29

The Dog Named Riley

This is my story of how I rescued a dog called Riley. Me and my husband and my little girl were walking and we saw a giant tree. We were looking down and there was a fluffy ball, it looked like a dog. Everyone got on a log and got a long twig and bent down to save the dog. Luckily, he grabbed on. We grabbed him and gave him a big hug. He didn’t like the hug, he just stared at the creek. He looked desolate. Then he came along with us, slowly and sadly. We took him home. We gave him a bath and got his shots done. He was like a new dog and he looked beautiful. But there was a problem: we didn’t know its name so we decided to make a new name. We all liked Riley so we all agreed on Riley. And that is the end of a happy dog story.

May 22


Hi, my name is Amy and I am 25 years old and live with my Mum and Dad on a farm.  I have a younger brother and older sister and a dog named Bailey.  We all live on a farm.  I went on a mission to find a box of gold as  II love going on adventures and being challenged , I flew in a helicopter and landed in a rain forest where there were lots of thick trees and bushes.  I spotted and old rusty brown chair with holes in it.  As I sit in it a spring poked through and hurt me.  I got up and carried on with my venture.  As I walked along l look up a the sky  a thunderstorm started and I had to find shelter.I found two big leaves and made a tent.  After the storm ended an angry hungry raccoon tried to bite me but I got away. A leaf came out of nowhere and started to move so I followed it.  Surprise! it led me to the box of gold.









May 15

Pippa the Paramedic

One stormy night in Saint Kilda there were some people driving without their lights on. They were going very very  fast and crashed into a car full of people. The screams echoed through the cold night. A lot of people came out of  their houses to see what had happened. Pippa, the paramedic, arrived to help the people that were hurt. Pippa is a kind person who loves to help people. Pippa has been a paramedic for 10 years. Suddenly, Justin the driver of the car that caused the crash, yelled at Pippa angrily,”I don’t need you. I’m fine. GET LOST!”