August 22

the frozen rubber

I was walking 1 day and i saw a striped RUBBER. I was EXCITED to see the RUBBER because I can use it . but it was FROZEN . so I got hot water . as soon as i tip the hot water it  was not became usable but now there is a  frozen car so I got a buck of water and tip it on the the car but it took a lot of water to get it un frozen

August 15

The wedding

Once put a time there was a girl and she was getting married and I was going to get my photos done for my wedding I was so excited and really really excited. I was a 21-year-old of a kid name Ella .I was excited. we get married and I said I do this we walk out when everybody is looking at us it was felt amazing. We went to go to take photos. What we’re doing our photos Everything was going good but when I looked behind me thank crash bang bang bang crash crash bang bangThere was a big bomb everybody had to escape. We ran as fast as a as can . Luckily we are safe now.

August 1

the show

Today we are having 6 contestants funniest show ever. they had to dress up and you funny dance moves.shhh the show  is starting the director it begun .no one laughed at the first second and third. But then i got to the fifth ad then the crown=d erupted with laughter  . the guy cam out with lipstick and a tutu and  nail poish so he won and that was the end .