November 27

the ill cow

I live on a farm and I have over a 100 and 1 dog  5 chickens 3 horses and a pig call ham. 1 of our calves feel a bit ill but nothing unusual. A day went past. he felt really ill. The vet came to have a look. He needed a special tape of median we have to give him the median every day. he got better every day. Now he is a big strong cow. He is not ill anymore.

August 22

the frozen rubber

I was walking 1 day and i saw a striped RUBBER. I was EXCITED to see the RUBBER because I can use it . but it was FROZEN . so I got hot water . as soon as i tip the hot water it  was not became usable but now there is a  frozen car so I got a buck of water and tip it on the the car but it took a lot of water to get it un frozen

August 15

The wedding

Once put a time there was a girl and she was getting married and I was going to get my photos done for my wedding I was so excited and really really excited. I was a 21-year-old of a kid name Ella .I was excited. we get married and I said I do this we walk out when everybody is looking at us it was felt amazing. We went to go to take photos. What we’re doing our photos Everything was going good but when I looked behind me thank crash bang bang bang crash crash bang bangThere was a big bomb everybody had to escape. We ran as fast as a as can . Luckily we are safe now.

August 1

the show

Today we are having 6 contestants funniest show ever. they had to dress up and you funny dance moves.shhh the show  is starting the director it begun .no one laughed at the first second and third. But then i got to the fifth ad then the crown=d erupted with laughter  . the guy cam out with lipstick and a tutu and  nail poish so he won and that was the end .


July 24


It was 1914 when world war 1 happened. Everybody was fighting for there country. Hold up lets take it back a little. In 1913 everybody was happy as they can be. Doing dancing and dressing up nice. It was One month into 1914, and everyone was celebrating New year. But then it began World War One Everyone was screaming there heads off Everybody was killing everyone was fighting for their country and I was very scared.

July 2

💍the old bracelet💍

In  1970, Emma’s grandma Jasmine died at 97 and Emma was on a mission to find her grandmothers golden pearl bracelet. She went to her grandmother’s house and searched it. One day went past, no luck, she couldn’t find it. On the second day, she still couldn’t find it. She cried to her mum,

“I want to give up but I can’t. I need to find it so I can keep passing it on the next generation.”

On the third day, at 6pm she went to her mum and said,

“I was looking and looking and then I saw it!”

Emma and her mum’s excitement was extraordinary.

June 28

Ben and bear 🐻

HI I’m Ben and i will talk about how i rum away from a polar bear .here’s a bit about myself I’m from Australia I have to lovely kids and a to Alaska we go ! we went there to do some  research and study on the animals. there was a  random car. i went to have a look inside and then i looked up and there was an a angry polar bear looking a me 😮  I screamed as loud i coud and ran back to the car and tried to get inside and it worked.i found my jumper and i put it on my head and he soon went away . the end

June 20


once upon a time there was a happy group of animals.there was a zebra a lion a monkey and a giraffe they all playing happily until a big elephant came along and wanted to play so he asked . No we don’t won’t you we were playing our favourite game of chasing . the elephant walked off sadly he went to his mum and cried andto her lap.a day went past and he wanted to go again and made a speech and went there again here at  bigger than all of the animals and then deliverred his speech I am a elephant and i declare to play. i have been dying to ask you for ages .ok say all the animals all played . the end.

June 12

The Mean Queen

Once upon a time there was a big pink castle. Inside the castle was a mean Queen who wanted everything in the world to be hers. The thing she wanted most of all but could not found in any of the lands they searched in. They went and told her and she screamed at them. The servant said “it wasn’t my fault.” “yes it is” The Queen said. She cried to her Mum and Dad and said “I wanted a golden viola with a golden bow.” They found it in the brand-new music shop in town. The end of the almost terrible book.

June 7

Part 1 of goosebumps

It was one stormy day and we didn’t have a place to play. So we set up got our food and our water and a tent just in case . To  go on my adventure. So we set off. It was a cold night .  We were walking along and then we saw all the goosebumps characters the clown The teenage werewolf  Slappy A match more characters and more and Then I knew I should run . I ran faster than a car. I finally got home  and we are safe at last. I’m never going out again alone. That was too scary.