July 24


It was 1914 when world war 1 happened. Everybody was fighting for there country. Hold up lets take it back a little. In 1913 everybody was happy as they can be. Doing dancing and dressing up nice. It was One month into 1914, and everyone was celebrating New year. But then it began World War One Everyone was screaming there heads off Everybody was killing everyone was fighting for their country and I was very scared.

July 2

💍the old bracelet💍

In  1970, Emma’s grandma Jasmine died at 97 and Emma was on a mission to find her grandmothers golden pearl bracelet. She went to her grandmother’s house and searched it. One day went past, no luck, she couldn’t find it. On the second day, she still couldn’t find it. She cried to her mum,

“I want to give up but I can’t. I need to find it so I can keep passing it on the next generation.”

On the third day, at 6pm she went to her mum and said,

“I was looking and looking and then I saw it!”

Emma and her mum’s excitement was extraordinary.