February 27

The Almost Bad Story

I was going to the old house and I was with a friend . Her name is Chloe  . We saw a very old door and its very old bell.

I  touched the door bell and it rang ring ring ring. Oops!  I broke it !!!  Suddenly someone came at the old house.

“Go away, go, go, go!”

Me and Chloe run away screaming. We ran back to my house so, so fast. At last we were at my house. At last we were at home.


“Yes Mum?”

“I got fresh cookies made!”


We snuggled up on the couch and watched Cinderella.

That is the end of the almost bad story.

February 22



l am  so excited i was going to the pink  concert  we where going in a taxi .we are here omg this  is so exciting.

the  crowd goes wild t’m so excited . pink sang her favorite song get this party started .and she did  so  much tricks

.a lot of

February 16

Bobs end life

In a river an old man lived for 45 years.`

when he was 44 he jumped off a cliff into the river below not knowing he could swim. his mum ran to the river where is bob? she looks in th river mysteriously she ran to he her little hut her and bob lived in along with her husband. She ran and got him and said aloud where is bob.

The woman was friettend  she spotted bobs legs in the water facing downwards she did not know what to do and knowing she couldn’t swim. 

At 6.00 am she cried for help but got n service. She yelled STUPID I PAD IT NEVER WORKS WHEN I NEED IT! >:(

She ran back down to see how bob was going and all of a sudden he fell into the water he drowned she was in descuse. there was Parana’s in the water and they had fed on bobs body there was blood everywhere But the leaves had covered all the blood.

finally the ambulance came to bob and could not help sprinting to the lake was the ambulance people. they saw bob and could not help what happend they pulled the body out it was all gone. they dug a hole to place bob in the woman went into the house her picture of bob thrown in the fire the fire was as red as a dragons fire.  

Why did bobs mum his picture in the fire? 

writen by amelie and morgan