June 20


once upon a time there was a happy group of animals.there was a zebra a lion a monkey and a giraffe they all playing happily until a big elephant came along and wanted to play so he asked . No we don’t won’t you we were playing our favourite game of chasing . the elephant walked off sadly he went to his mum and cried andto her lap.a day went past and he wanted to go again and made a speech and went there again here at¬† bigger than all of the animals and then deliverred his speech I am a elephant and i declare to play. i have been dying to ask you for ages .ok say all the animals all played . the end.

June 12

The Mean Queen

Once upon a time there was a big pink castle. Inside the castle was a mean Queen who wanted everything in the world to be hers. The thing she wanted most of all but could not found in any of the lands they searched in. They went and told her and she screamed at them. The servant said “it wasn’t my fault.” “yes it is” The Queen said. She cried to her Mum and Dad and said “I wanted a golden¬†viola with a golden bow.” They found it in the brand-new music shop in town. The end of the almost terrible book.

June 7

Part 1 of goosebumps

It was one stormy day and we didn’t have a place to play. So we set up got our food and our water and a tent just in case . To  go on my adventure. So we set off. It was a cold night .  We were walking along and then we saw all the goosebumps characters the clown The teenage werewolf  Slappy A match more characters and more and Then I knew I should run . I ran faster than a car. I finally got home  and we are safe at last. I’m never going out again alone. That was too scary.

May 29

The Dog Named Riley

This is my story of how I rescued a dog called Riley. Me and my husband and my little girl were walking and we saw a giant tree. We were looking down and there was a fluffy ball, it looked like a dog. Everyone got on a log and got a long twig and bent down to save the dog. Luckily, he grabbed on. We grabbed him and gave him a big hug. He didn’t like the hug, he just stared at the creek. He looked desolate. Then he came along with us, slowly and sadly. We took him home. We gave him a bath and got his shots done. He was like a new dog and he looked beautiful. But there was a problem: we didn’t know its name so we decided to make a new name. We all liked Riley so we all agreed on Riley. And that is the end of a happy dog story.

May 22


Hi, my name is Amy and I am 25 years old and live with my Mum and Dad on a farm.  I have a younger brother and older sister and a dog named Bailey.  We all live on a farm.  I went on a mission to find a box of gold as  II love going on adventures and being challenged , I flew in a helicopter and landed in a rain forest where there were lots of thick trees and bushes.  I spotted and old rusty brown chair with holes in it.  As I sit in it a spring poked through and hurt me.  I got up and carried on with my venture.  As I walked along l look up a the sky  a thunderstorm started and I had to find shelter.I found two big leaves and made a tent.  After the storm ended an angry hungry raccoon tried to bite me but I got away. A leaf came out of nowhere and started to move so I followed it.  Surprise! it led me to the box of gold.









May 15

Pippa the Paramedic

One stormy night in Saint Kilda there were some people driving without their lights on. They were going very very¬† fast and crashed into a car full of people. The screams echoed through the cold night. A lot of people came out of¬† their houses to see what had happened. Pippa, the paramedic, arrived to help the people that were hurt. Pippa is a kind person who loves to help people. Pippa has been a paramedic for 10 years. Suddenly, Justin the driver of the car that caused the crash, yelled at Pippa angrily,”I don’t need you. I’m fine. GET LOST!”

March 14

the scary man

there was a little boy¬† named jack he loves playing with little kids and had so much fun with his parents. one day¬† the house¬† had a blackout and everything turned black¬† his¬† parents¬† couldn’t¬† do anything because his parents¬† were¬† away in Adelaide¬† for a week . a man came and knocked on our door so i went up the door wondering what it was the man said¬† hello open the door now i have got lollies puppies and chips¬† . I was only 10 at the time so i ran to the door and opened it. It had a scary mask on and i try to hold on but he shouted and then they took me in his car. I was so scared but luckily the police came and made it all safe back in my family. Thank you Policeman!

February 27

The Almost Bad Story

I was going to the old house and I was with a friend . Her name is Chloe  . We saw a very old door and its very old bell.

I  touched the door bell and it rang ring ring ring. Oops!  I broke it !!!  Suddenly someone came at the old house.

“Go away, go, go, go!”

Me and Chloe run away screaming. We ran back to my house so, so fast. At last we were at my house. At last we were at home.


“Yes Mum?”

“I got fresh cookies made!”


We snuggled up on the couch and watched Cinderella.

That is the end of the almost bad story.

February 22



l am  so excited i was going to the pink  concert  we where going in a taxi .we are here omg this  is so exciting.

the¬† crowd goes wild t’m so excited . pink sang her favorite song get this party started .and she did¬† so¬† much tricks

.a lot of

February 16

Bobs end life

In a river an old man lived for 45 years.`

when he was 44 he jumped off a cliff into the river below not knowing he could swim. his mum ran to the river where is bob? she looks in th river mysteriously she ran to he her little hut her and bob lived in along with her husband. She ran and got him and said aloud where is bob.

The woman was friettend¬† she spotted bobs legs in the water facing downwards she did not know what to do and knowing she couldn’t swim.¬†

At 6.00 am she cried for help but got n service. She yelled STUPID I PAD IT NEVER WORKS WHEN I NEED IT! >:(

She ran back down to see how bob was going and all of a sudden he fell into the water he drowned she was in descuse. there was Parana’s in the water and they had fed on bobs body there was blood everywhere But the leaves had covered all the blood.

finally the ambulance came to bob and could not help sprinting to the lake was the ambulance people. they saw bob and could not help what happend they pulled the body out it was all gone. they dug a hole to place bob in the woman went into the house her picture of bob thrown in the fire the fire was as red as a dragons fire.  

Why did bobs mum his picture in the fire? 

writen by amelie and morgan