June 20


once upon a time there was a happy group of animals.there was a zebra a lion a monkey and a giraffe they all playing happily until a big elephant came along and wanted to play so he asked . No we don’t won’t you we were playing our favourite game of chasing . the elephant walked off sadly he went to his mum and cried andto her lap.a day went past and he wanted to go again and made a speech and went there again here atΒ  bigger than all of the animals and then deliverred his speech I am a elephant and i declare to play. i have been dying to ask you for ages .ok say all the animals all played . the end.

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2 thoughts on “🐘

  1. caelin567mps

    Hi Am
    I love your story, but maybe check your capital letters and full stops before submitting it. But otherwise your story was great.
    From Caelin πŸ‘πŸ˜

  2. morgan567mps

    Hi Am bat,
    I love your story, but maybe next time add less full stops and more capital letters i like how you have used dying instead of waiting.
    Good job.


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