May 29

The Dog Named Riley

This is my story of how I rescued a dog called Riley. Me and my husband and my little girl were walking and we saw a giant tree. We were looking down and there was a fluffy ball, it looked like a dog. Everyone got on a log and got a long twig and bent down to save the dog. Luckily, he grabbed on. We grabbed him and gave him a big hug. He didn’t like the hug, he just stared at the creek. He looked desolate. Then he came along with us, slowly and sadly. We took him home. We gave him a bath and got his shots done. He was like a new dog and he looked beautiful. But there was a problem: we didn’t know its name so we decided to make a new name. We all liked Riley so we all agreed on Riley. And that is the end of a happy dog story.

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