March 14

the scary man

there was a little boy  named jack he loves playing with little kids and had so much fun with his parents. one day  the house  had a blackout and everything turned black  his  parents  couldn’t  do anything because his parents  were  away in Adelaide  for a week . a man came and knocked on our door so i went up the door wondering what it was the man said  hello open the door now i have got lollies puppies and chips  . I was only 10 at the time so i ran to the door and opened it. It had a scary mask on and i try to hold on but he shouted and then they took me in his car. I was so scared but luckily the police came and made it all safe back in my family. Thank you Policeman!

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2 thoughts on “the scary man

  1. morgan567mps

    Hello Am’Bat
    I like how you put lots of description. But maybe instead of putting full stops nearly ever sentance. And some more captial letters after the full stops.
    Othwerwise it was great well done.


  2. caelin567mps

    Hi Amelie
    I love how you put lots of description into your story, but maybe next time check for capital letters after full stops, but over all great job. 👍
    From Caelin 😊


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